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I’m Not Ready Yet!

One of the things that we commonly hear from seniors is “I’m not ready yet!”  When my husband Drew and I are promoting Riverview at local events and people realize that our booth is for a seniors’ residence, some slowly back away.  Or their children will call us with the concern that Mom and/or Dad don’t seem to be doing well at home, but the parent(s) insist “I’m no ready yet!”  We understand that.  And by all means, for some seniors, their home is the best place for them.

But there should always be a plan!  What if one winter day, you decide you have had enough of being “cooped-up” in the house.  Or you recognize that you are not eating well because shopping and cooking is becoming a hassle.  Maybe you realize that you are lonely.

Why not take some time to visit the retirement communities in your area?  Most will happily give you a free meal to see if the community may be a good fit for you.  You may even be able to arrange for a short stay to get a better idea if it could become your home. 

It doesn’t mean that you have given up.  It doesn’t mean that you are “old.”  It means that you are planning this stage of your life, just like you planned all the other stages of your life.  It means that you could decide you want to stay in your home for now, but if you change your mind you will have a plan!  You might also decide that living in that community could help you thrive in this stage of your life.

At Riverview, we provide an option that allows active, independent seniors to enjoy the benefits of delicious meals made from scratch, daily social interactions, and peace of mind, knowing that friends and staff are there if they need anything. 

Please give Drew a call or send him an email.  Ask him any questions that you may have, or set up an appointment to come see Riverview.